A Toxic Industry

As a passionate performer with strong educational credentials (Higher Teaching Diploma, Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dance and Drama Education), I saw a gap in the market for a more uplifiting approach to performing arts training.

There are no companies with the same teaching style and dedicated educational base.

We are changing the industry by rejecting the toxic, negative environments that exist within every other dance and drama school. Our students love each other, support each other and celebrate each other. This is our sustainable Competitive Advantage; a culture of genuine inclusiveness and positivity.

It has not, and cannot, be replicated by our competitors.

A Caring Culture

Nina left her hyper-competitve, exclusive dance school after realising the mental and physical damage it was causing her. This quote sums it up:

"I don't think anyone could ever have any clue of how grateful I am of my Pform family. This year has been so amazing and I cannot wait to pursue my Junior Tutor role next year and have 2 times as much fun as I did this year. Thank you so much Pform, you have no clue how grateful I am for you."

When Nina joined Pform, the message was clear: Pform wasn't concerned with the awards she won, the costumes she wore or the precision of her routine. All we wanted was for her to have fun, express herself and begin to rebuild that self-confidence that had been destroyed in her previous years of training.

Nina went on to win first place in every competition she entered with Pform.nz, both nationally and internationally.  

A 'Third Place'

American sociologist, Ray Oldenburg, impresses the importance of having a 'third place', outside of home and work (the first and second places) where you can belong to a group which fulfills you and nurtures your soul.

For hundreds of kids througout Auckland, Pform.nz is their third place. 

They find a community with us. A family. A place free from bullying or judgement (as is so rife within the 'social politics' of modern schools). The friends they make at Pform are lifelong. The love they recieve is unconditional.