"We were just parents who happened to be teachers and we wanted a better experience for our kids"

Pform.nz is a small family business that was started in 1999 by Founders Tracey & Michael Stretton. Both teachers and passionate about building self esteem and character in young people, they created a platform where children and young adults could shine by building them up with positive reinforcement and strong pedagogy rather than with criticism and pressure.  Tracey & Michael love being parents and are thrilled to have watched their three children -  Rose, Pearl & Will -  grow through their performing arts education with Pform.nz. Rose has been integral in the growth of Pform using her Commerce Degree to structure the business and is currently working on an internship in L.A. She is active on the Pform.nz board of advisors.  Pearl and Will are gifted dancers and actors and teach at many Pform venues weekly.

Tracey graduated from The University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Teaching.  She then furthered her training with a Higher Diploma in Teaching and a post-graduate Diploma of Dance and Drama in Education from the Auckland College of Education. Tracey has worked for the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and for the Ministry of Education as a Drama and Dance moderator and assessment writer and she has held Head of Drama and Dance positions at Kristin School, Avondale College and the Senior College of New Zealand.  She has choreographed and directed numerous large scale productions over the years including Peter Pan, Bugsy Malone, Little Shop of Horrors, The Wiz, Beauty and the Beast, The Music Man, Superman, Young Frankenstein, Battle of the Bands, The Sound of Music, Anything Goes, Grease, Shrek, Dr. Dolittle & Elf.  She genuinely believes her company's tag line "Dream it...Pform it...Be it!" and has witnessed first hand over the years how performing arts can change lives.

Michael graduated from the Auckland College of Education with a Diploma in Teaching and furthered his training with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Auckland. He has taught kids of all ages, from 5 year old New Entrants at Kristin School to students in The University of Auckland Foundation Program in their twenties. He has held the Head of English position at Ponsonby Intermediate School and English Curriculum Coordinator within the Academic Colleges Group. Michael is a gifted educator and has extensive experience and knowledge in education. He believes that as the company grows, the client experience should stay intimate and caring. 

Pform's mission is to inspire creativity, confidence and character within local Kiwi communities. We believe every person is a star. We aim to build confidence and esteem, providing a platform for creative expression and social connection in environments where students are supported by nurturing leaders. Over twenty years on, Pform.nz continues to deliver performing arts classes built on strong educational practices and proven pedagogy to develop life-skills in young people across Auckland by focusing on increasing confidence and independence, equipping them to success within and outside of the performing arts industry.

changing the industry

As a passionate performer with strong educational credentials Tracey saw a gap in the market for a more uplifiting approach to performing arts training. There are no companies with the same teaching style and dedicated educational base. We are changing the industry by rejecting negativity in our classes. Our students love each other, support each other and celebrate each other. This is our sustainable Competitive Advantage; a culture of genuine inclusiveness and positivity.

"It's not just about the children becoming professional dancers, actors and singers, it's about them pipping their opponents in the boardroom and learning skills to present themselves to the world in whichever industry they choose. We literally build confidence, creativity and most importantly, character. It's a priviledge to do what we do" Tracey Stretton - Founder

A "Third" Place

American sociologist, Ray Oldenburg, impresses the importance of having a 'third place', outside of home and work (the first and second places) where you can belong to a group which fulfills you and nurtures your soul.

For hundreds of kids througout Auckland, Pform.nz is their third place. They find a community with us, and a place to belong.