The performing arts in New Zealand

The performing arts have been an important part of New Zealand’s heritage and culture since the arrival of the Maori and later, settlers from Europe and other parts of the world. Today, the performing arts are as important as ever, not only as a form of cultural identity and self-expression contributing to the health and vibrancy of our society but, as many studies have shown, a means of developing the creativity, confidence and character that New Zealanders need to thrive in the modern world.

But despite the fact that the performing arts are worth an estimated $2 billion per year to the New Zealand economy, professional training resources and employment opportunities are limited. The average earnings of performing arts professionals are also lower than the average across the total New Zealand workforce.

Michael and I founded to change all that

While teaching at Kristin School on Auckland’s North Shore, I decided to start in 1992 in response to continual requests from students and parents for greater training resources outside the school system.

As a passionate performer and experienced Head of Drama with strong educational credentials – Higher Teaching Diploma, Bachelor of Arts and a Post Graduate Diploma in Dance and Drama Education – I saw a gap in the market for a new, more upbeat approach to performing arts training, building self esteem and condence and inspiring students to learn and grow. There were no other performance training companies with the same teaching style and dedicated educational base – and today remains as dynamic, relevant and unique as ever.

My husband Michael, himself an experienced teacher with training in drama and dance, soon joined and demand for our amazing classes saw us take on a team of talented Tutors with classes all over Auckland, adding more year after year.

Our Mission and Values

We’re now receiving requests for’s unique brand of performing arts education from throughout New Zealand and, having developed a world-class reputation, brand and systems, we’ve decided on franchising – the world’s most successful business growth model – as the best way to share’s success with like-minded ‘partners’ who share our Mission and Values.

Our Mission since we began has been to provide New Zealanders of all ages with unique opportunities for personal and professional growth which are positive and enjoyable, catering to individual needs, but are also stimulating, challenging and potentially life-changing. By building our business, we build creativity, condence and character in our students, thus contributing to a better society.

Our Values include positivity, listening, enthusiasm, honesty, openness, understanding, professionalism, trust, collaboration, excellence, respect and caring.


Our Classes

Performing Arts classes that combine a unique blend of our Drama, Dance and Musical Theatre courses.

High energy classes designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of The Musical. Focussed on singing and dancing enhanced with acting.

Now you can take ballet classes without feeling intimidated or in awe of the class.

Our drama and acting classes are fun and challenging.

Our fun and funky street style dance classes are a unique blend of Hip Hop and Contemporary styles and include the latest dance moves from the hottest music videos.

Why What makes this opportunity so special?

Over the past 25 years, we’ve worked hard to create something very rare in the performing arts world – a dream business for performing arts professionals.

Learn what makes this opportunity so special