We're Tracey and Michael Stretton.

Over 20 years ago, we took a leap of faith and founded Pform.nz,

now New Zealand's leading provider in Performing Arts education.


It was terrifying.

We had been school teachers, working 'stable' jobs with 'comfortable' salaries at 'prestigious' institutions.

But somewhere inside of us, we had bigger ambitions. We instinctively knew that we were destined for greater things.

We may have been 'safe', but we weren't fulfilling our true purpose.


You probably know this feeling well.

Ask yourself, what has drawn you to this website? Why are you seeking change?

For us, it was the vision of making a real difference in our students’ lives.

We wanted to leave a positive legacy, nurturing new generations of leaders, explorers, creatives and entrepreneurs. 


Today, we train over 1,500 students.

We have complex systems, superior curriculum and one of the strongest brands in our industry. 

People thought we were crazy. As it turns out, crazy paid off.



Now, we’re ready to share our vision and success.

Join us, and invest in your future.



We are family


Pform.nz isn’t just a business – it’s a family.

We love our students more that anything- and they love us in return. We’re looking for people who share our passion, culture and ethos.

The vision? To ensure children accross the globe have the opportunity to develop fundamental life-skills in an inclusive and uplifting environment.

No business experience?

You'd be a perfect MASTER TUTOR franchisee!

This franchisee needs passion, drive, talent and care-factor.

We show you how to set up and run your business, and we support you with our proven systems, online training platforms and our administration HQ.

We even taking care of all your client invoicing and payment collections so you can focus on what you do best- improving little peoples' lives.


No performing arts experience?

You'd be a perfect AREA PRINCIPAL franchisee!

This franchisee needs entrepreneurship, managerial skills, networking abilities and a head for business.

You’ll have exclusive rights to a whole region of New Zealand with a potential market of more than 70 schools. You will be in charge of inspiring and managing the MASTER TUTORS under you, building solid relationships with schools, creating performance and collaboration opportunities and coordinating events.