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I'm Tracey Stretton, founder and Artistic Director of, Auckland’s leading provider of dance, drama, singing and Performing Arts education.

A former school teacher, stage director, choreographer and HoD of Drama, I founded more than twenty years ago with the vision of making a difference in my students’ lives. We strive to develop the creativity, confidence and character of every young person we come into contact with.

Together with my husband Michael, a gifted educator and now our CEO and Marketing Director, I have built the brand, it's complex systems and advanced support network. Today, we train over 1,400 students every week in the Performing Arts.

Now, we’re ready to share our vision and success with all of New Zealand and invite you to join us as either a Master Tutor or Area Principal Franchisee.


More about our vision and story

Always dreamed of a life in the Performing Arts? Don’t just dream it ... do it!

For Michael and I, isn’t just a business – it’s a passion. Due to the growth and demand for our unique performance-based classes, we’re looking for people who share their same vision, passion and enthusiasm, and have the attributes and nature to work within’s systems.

It should not be overlooked how extremely rewarding – not just financially – running a business can be. Not only do you help students and performers achieve their individual goals and succeed, but you have tremendous fun along the way!

Our vision is to become the “it” brand performance-based business, helping thousands of young Kiwis develop the creativity, confidence and character they need to succeed in the performing arts – and their lives. To achieve this vision, we are offering the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a Master Tutor or Area Principal.

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The secret of our success ... and your future success

Like most “secrets” of success, ours is simple. We take a unique approach to performance-based education that allows everyone – our students, their parents, their schools, our Tutors and our Area Principals – to succeed in their own way and at their own level. That success embodies personal and professional development and growth that crosses over into all other areas of their lives.

Since 1992, we’ve been developing amazing programmes and tutoring methods designed to provide our students with the condence and competencies they need to perform while at the same time allowing them to them the freedom to grow their creativity and self-expression.

The same applies to our Master Tutors and Area Principals. If you choose to join us at either level of the family, we’ll provide you with everything you need with our proven systems and methods – everything you need to succeed – while encouraging you to develop your own style and individuality.

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Why parents and principals love us... and why it matters

Michael and I are both trained teachers with a solid understanding of the New Zealand school curriculum and children’s developmental and educational needs.

That’s why all classes are target based according to dierent ages, and course curriculums of an international standard are followed. And because’s programmes complement and enhance schools’ programmes, principals and teachers love what we do and are happy to have us in their schools, not only after school but in many cases during school hours as part of their day-to-day curriculum.

Of course, schools also love us because our students’ parents love us as they watch their children grow and progress as well as the fun they’re having at

All of this, together with the powerful marketing programmes we’ve developed and your own eorts, will contribute to the success of your business

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No business experience? No drama.

At centre stage in the organisation are our Master Tutors. These talented, passionate people deliver’s programmes to kids, teens and adults in their local communities, mainly in schools. They’re independent business people, building their businesses with a powerful combination of’s proven marketing systems, their own eorts and good old word of mouth.

Do you need a passion for the performing arts and some training or experience in the field to be a Master Tutor? Yes. Do you need business experience? No. We’ll show you how to set up and run your business, and we’ll support you with systems such as The Net, our exclusive customer management and nancial system, and taking care of all your client invoicing and payment collections so you can focus on what you do best – getting the best from your students.

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No performing arts experience? No sweat.

We are looking for entrepreneurial Area Principals to promote the brand, grow their base of Master Tutors and students and support their Master Tutors with systems and methods developed and proven by us since 1992.

You’ll have exclusive rights to a whole region of New Zealand – with a potential market of more than 70 schools – to call your own. You’ll be passionate about the performing arts but need no specific qualifications or background in the field. Rather, you’ll be an adept leader and/or business operator, adept at inspiring, coaching and supporting people, building solid relationships with school principals and community leaders, coordinating regional student productions and managing your Master Tutors’ invoicing and payments on their behalf. You’ll love working within the incredible culture and systems we’ve developed but also be prepared to contribute your own flair, style and leadership skills to the organisation.

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Take the next step into getting into a business you’re going to love

We are proud of our continued success in providing an inspirational and dynamic environment for creative learning as children and young people develop skills for life – and we’re looking for like-minded people like you to join us.

For the first time, we’ve made it uniquely easy to get your big break in performing arts education. Over the past 25 years, we’ve created engaging programmes that give our students both the structure and freedom to explore and develop. At the same time, we’ve built the powerful systems and methods required not only to operate better businesses, but to grow them and thrive.

This is your opportunity to do what you love while earning the rewards you deserve.


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