the secret of our success

Simple. We allow everyone – our students, their parents, their schools, our tutors and our franchisees – to succeed in their own way and at their own level.

Michael and I are trained teachers with a solid understanding of the New Zealand school curriculum and children’s developmental and educational needs. Since 1992, we've given our students the freedom to explore and create without toxic competitiveness or stressful grading systems. The same applies to our franchisees. If you choose to join the Pform family, we’ll provide you with proven systems and methods whilst also encouraging you to develop your own style and individuality.

That’s why all classes complement and enhance school programmes. Principals and teachers are happy to have us in their schools...often, they even request us to teach part of their day-to-day curriculum.


10 ways we help your business get off the ground

  1. Back you with a trusted, recognised brand
  2. Provide you with a proven business model and systems so you can hit the ground running
  3. Provide you with full training and support in setting up, operating and launching your business
  4. Give you access to our comprehensive Operations Manuals for instant reference and guidance
  5. Supply you with a Master Tutor Start-Up Kit with business cards, stationery, marketing materials, uniforms and merchandise
  6. Provide powerful marketing programmes to help you kickstart your business
  7. Be part of your first school visits and classes to show you the ropes
  8. Take care of all your invoicing and payment collections
  9. Provide you with 24/7 access to phone/ online help
  10. Provide ongoing opportunities for professional growth and development