Always wanted to start your own business, but never considered the performing arts?

If you're a people person with organisational skills, this is the industry you've been waiting for.

We’re looking for entrepreneurial visionaries who can see the future in performing arts education, recognise the value of a strong culture and understand the advantages of working with an industry leader.

As an AREA PRINCIPAL, you won’t be responsible for teaching the classes. Instead, you'll be responsible for recruiting, coaching and supporting those who do! You’ll also be in charge of securing opportunities for expansion and brand exposure, bringing schools, industry and community groups into the fold.

That's changed your mind, hasn't it?

We’ll bend over backwards to help you


We’ve been in this role for over 20 years. Our systems are uniquely simple. 

We’ll give you full training in all aspects of the business, including a comprehensive Operations Manual. You'll have exclusive access to our business systems, as well as a purpose-built state-of-the-art management platform to oversee all financial and administrative functions.

We’ll also teach you how to make the most of our tried-and-tested sales and marketing tools, coaching you in how to establish profitable partnerships.

What return will you make on your investment?


Your investment will provide you with an exclusive territory comprised of more than 70 schools, giving you the opportunity to sell franchise rights to up to 9 MASTER TUTORS. Each of these MASTER TUTORS will pay you from $29,000 + GST, most of which you keep in return for providing training, set-up and support.

Your role will then be to invoice their clients and collect payments. The more schools, classes and students your MASTER TUTORS have, the greater the payments will be. You’ll receive a share of those payments, as well as a share of any other income streams.