Master Tutor Opportunity

Take your destiny into your own hands as a Master Tutor

We are rapidly expanding to meet the demand of clients and performers all over New Zealand for’s unique brand of performance-based education. We have created a very special business opportunity and we are looking for very special people, like you, to be a part of this growth as a Master Tutor.

Being a Master Tutor provides a competitive advantage to people who have a passion for teaching and the performing arts, the desire to own and grow their own business, and the willingness to work within our amazing culture and systems while developing your professional skillset.

Best of all, you don’t need business experience to be a Master Tutor. That’s because over the past 25 years, we’ve developed all the business systems and methods you’ll need to run your own business. We’ll provide you with all the training and support you’ll need and we’ll even take care of most of your business paperwork for you so you can focus on what you do best – working with your students.

What will you do with your life as a Master Tutor?

As a Master Tutor, you’ll have the opportunity to build and grow a performing arts tutoring business in your local community, working with schools and community groups to deliver proven programmes of an international standard.

All classes are target based according to different ages and age categories are defined to create manageable and appropriate levels in which students can feel comfortable and happy. Classes ideally have 18 - 24 students and will enrol no more than 25 students in each session. Because the venues which provide an appropriate training environment include schools, community halls or clubrooms, your venue costs will be low and you’ll be able to base the business from your home.

As well as in-school and after-school classes, you’ll run quality Holiday Programmes and Birthday Parties in your community, and participate in a quality annual production showcasing the talent of your students. Every two years, selected students have the opportunity to travel overseas to perform at such prestigious venues such as Disney’s Performing Arts OnStage.

10 ways we help your business get off the ground

  1. Back you with a trusted brand, fast becoming recognised throughout New Zealand
  2. Provide you with a proven business model and systems, including The Net, so you can hit the ground running, even if you have no business experience
  3. Provide you with full training and support in operating those systems and setting up and launching your business
  4. Give you access to our comprehensive online Operations Manuals for instant reference and guidance
  5. Supply you with a Master Tutor Start Up Kit with business cards, stationery, marketing materials, uniforms and merchandise
  6. Provide powerful marketing programmes to help you kickstart your business
  7. Be part of your rst school visits and classes to show you the ropes
  8. Take care of all your invoicing and payment collections on your behalf
  9. Provide you with 24/7 access to phone and online help, guidance and support
  10. Provide ongoing opportunities for professional growth and continuous improvement

Do you have what it takes to become a Master Tutor?

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure that being a Master Tutor is a dream business for a performing arts professional. But it is important in any business to get the right people on board and none more so than a skilled people business such as this. That’s why we are selective about the people we invite to join the family.

If you have what it takes to be a Master Tutor, you will be:

  • passionate
  • hard working
  • energetic and organised
  • able to deal with dierent groups of people and manage a team
  • experienced, or keenly interested, in performing arts and education
  • enthusiastic and motivated to make your Master Tutor business a success

What does it cost to become a Master Tutor?

As a Master Tutor, you will receive exclusive rights to utilise the brand, tutoring programmes, The Net, business systems, marketing tools and access rights to up to 9 schools in an exclusive territory. You’ll also receive initial training and support, a Start Up Pack, a Fast Start Business Launch Plan and an Equipment Pack – everything you need to get up and running as simply and smoothly as possible.

From $29,000 + GST.

We’ve deliberately kept the cost low to attract the right people and enable you to start making a good income and start getting a return on your investment in the shortest possible time.

In addition to the purchase price of your Master Tutor business, you will need to own or lease an approved vehicle no older than 10 years of age and in clean, undamaged condition. Our preference is a Suzuki Swift but a similar vehicle may be acceptable if it is is able to be wrapped, at your cost, in’s corporate livery.


How much can you make as a Master Tutor?

As in any business, you are in control of how much you make and your income will depend on how soon you can secure suitable venues, how many classes you run at each venue and what your average class size is. We have developed marketing tools, systems and methods which have proven to be highly effective at securing and growing your business. We back these with terrific training and support every step of the way, including accompanying you when you approach target schools.

As a Master Tutor, you will benet from 4 potential income streams:

  1. In-school Programmes
  2. Before and After School Programmes
  3. Holiday Programmes
  4. Birthday Parties

In addition to receiving your % of these income streams, you will benefit from very low operating costs, mainly consisting of home office costs, vehicle expenses, programmes, advertising, class recourses, holiday programme recourses, and contract tutors for Holiday Programmes. A feature of the Master Tutor business is the fact that your cost of sales will be the same whether you have 12 in a class or 24, meaning that your profits become very lucrative as you grow your class numbers.

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